Most Promising Jobs for Millennials

Thank you, Kaitlyn, our Assistant Director of Admissions, for finding this great article!

Wouldn’t you like to know the TOP 25 most promising jobs for you when you graduate from college? Check out the article below that shares all of the details! What’s most exciting about this article is that Western New England University offers a myriad of majors that will prepare you for many of the jobs listed! Our programs include a range of studies from Business to Engineering to Pharmacy to Arts & Sciences to Law! Make sure to check out our Undergraduate Admissions website for more information regarding new majors being offered. We look forward to helping you in your college search, and hope to see you at an upcoming Open House or for a Campus Visit soon!

Top 25 Most Promising Jobs for Millennials

Olivia Mazzarella

Admissions Counselor

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Happy “Sweet ’16” New Year!

Happy New Year, future Golden Bears! We are already planning to visit many of you this spring, but we would like to share some of our fun facts from our busy fall travel season! (Singing… “It’s all about the food, ’bout the food, and mileage!”)

Katherine, Admissions Counselor & LGBTQ Liaison, traveled near and far this past fall, even “breaking ground” in Nevada! Brady, Kat’s service dog, experienced his 18th plane flight, and also had the opportunity to swim in both the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean within a week’s period of time! Kat and Brady both know how to work hard and play hard while traveling!

12042883_10207919722854021_976288564797444411_n 10449916_10207150673988280_4082995804002783501_n

Kaitlyn, Assistant Director of Admissions, traveled over 11,000 miles by 3 planes and 2 rental cars! She attended 129 events including college fairs, high school visits, and receptions in 4 states – CO, CT, MA, and NY. She stayed in 14 different hotels for a total of 32 nights, and ate approximately 30 continental breakfasts! Her “most visited” restaurant was Whole Foods, where she had about 13 meals. She was very healthy and only ate at Moe’s, Chipotle, and Qdoba once each!

Kaitlyn gets the award for most interesting “travel moment” fact of the season! At the same time that she was traveling for the University, she was also training for her first half marathon! While running at Cherry Creek State Park in Colorado, she came across some black-tailed prairie dogs! She said it was pretty cool to see their burrows up close.

Christopher is our Director of Undergraduate Admissions, and one of his favorite parts of traveling is the food – yes the food – he gets to eat at various places! It’s a debate in our office whether Moe’s or Chipotle is better. Chris had a total of 3 visits to Moe’s this past fall, and zero times at Chipotle. Clearly we know which one is his favorite!

Madeleine, Associate Director of Admissions, drove about 5,000 miles including 4 flights! She, unlike Christopher, preferred Chipotle over Moe’s for a total of 10 visits to Chipotle and only 4 visits to Moe’s.

Ryan, the newest Admissions Counselor on our team, had his first travel season! He traveled just about 11,000 miles. Similar to Madeleine, Ryan ate at Chipotle 6 times and at Moe’s 3 times while on the road.

Kees, one of our “seasoned” Admissions Counselors, enjoyed tracking his food consumption as well. Believe it or not, but he ate at Moe’s 32 times – yes 32! – while traveling this past fall and only twice at Chipotle… and he was not ashamed to share that information! He traveled approximately 6,320 miles in total.

Last but not least, I traveled for a total of an estimated 10,000 miles for my first fall travel season! I enjoyed discovering new locations, driving from the North Shore, MA area all the way down to the Baltimore, MD area. I visited a total of 75 high schools, attended 35 mini fairs and 21 college fairs, including 1 NEACAC and 1 NACAC fair, as well as participated in 3 junior college night panels. I stayed in 10 different hotels for a total of 25 overnights during the travel season!

I hope you enjoyed reading a few fun facts of our fall travel season! (Still singing… “It’s all about the food, ’bout the food, and mileage!”) 🙂

See you at an upcoming Open House or Campus Visit soon! Make sure to check out our upcoming ACCEPTED STUDENT programs on our website!

Olivia Mazzarella

Admissions Counselor

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Greetings from Northern New England!

Over the past few weeks I’ve been fortunate to spend some time in parts of New Hampshire and Maine. While I think autumn is a fantastic season no matter where you are, there is something to be said about the fall foliage in this part of the country!

1 4

Over the past few weeks I’ve met some amazing students and school counselors, and having an early morning coffee at the beach cannot be beat.


As I’ve enjoyed wandering on country roads and through picturesque New England towns,  I’ve reflected on what a great fit Western New England is for students from both urban and rural areas of the country.  With 2,500 students, we’re big enough where you will have opportunities to meet new people and have new experiences, but not so big where you might find yourself lost in the crowd.  We place a strong emphasis on personal attention and personal success; our students mean the world to us. With a student to faculty ratio of just 14:1,   you will never just be a random face in the crowd. Rather, you’ll find that your relationships with your peers and your professors are meaningful and help foster a deep sense of pride in our community.


While I’ve loved visiting high schools and meeting students, I’m ready to be back at the University, and ready to welcome you all to visit us!  We have daily tours, Monday- Friday, and a number of weekend visit opportunities.  Check out our available options here:

We can’t wait to see you!


-Madeleine Bergstrom

Associate Director of Admissions

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Upstate NY and THEN SOME!!!

I’m currently wrapping up a great week in Upstate NY and it has been a phenomenal travel season to say the least! I started the week off in Plattsburgh, NY and have been making my way down through one of the most scenic parts of the state all the way to Utica, NY. Along my journey through the Adirondack region, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting great students and guidance counselors from just about every school! Some of the schools I visited were Plattsburgh High School, Lake Placid High School, Northwood School, Saranac High School, Saranac Lake High School and Tupper Lake High School to name a few.

Lake Placid

Earlier in the travel season, I was able to spend a week in Texas and let me tell you…Everything was BIGGER in Texas! And I mean EVERYTHING!! The week consisted of attending college fairs in the morning, afternoon and in the evening. The smallest high school had at least 2000 students with the largest having a little over 4000!!! Many of the schools had prepared some good ole’ fashioned bbq for the counselors before the evening fairs! The larger schools actually had guidance counselors waiting in the parking lots to cart to their schools! It was a lot of fun speaking with the students and informing them on WNE!!

Saratoga Springs

Believe it or not, I already spent time in Syracuse & Rochester, NY along with the eastern part of Connecticut and Worcester, MA! It has been a wonderful travel season visiting small and large high schools and speaking with talented students from near and far with a diverse range of interests. The most exciting part of it all is they are all interested in Western New England University!!


P.S. I was able to make a few stops in my spare time while venturing through the Adirondack region of New York. I dropped by the Olympic Center in Lake Placid where the 1980 Olympics was held. Worked my way down to Saratoga Springs and checked out the historical race track!  Hope you enjoy the pictures!!

Legendary Olympic Speed Skating Oval in Lake Placid

Legendary Olympic Speed Skating Oval in Lake Placid


Marcus Maroney

Assistant Director of Admissions

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I Will Drive 500 Miles, and I Will Drive 500 More!

It has been a crazy week of travel in New York and New Jersey!  I started in Mahwah, NJ, visited some schools in Rockland County, NY, then moved further south.  I participated in a consortium of fairs in high schools across the width of New Jersey.  One day, I was practically in Pennsylvania, and the next thing I knew, I was back towards the Jersey Shore!


It has been an amazing experience to be able to meet with all of the students I had while on the road.  One of the most busy experiences was the Big Apple Fair in Manhattan.


The Javits Center allowed for interaction with students from all boroughs of New York City.  It’s crazy trying to be able to drive into the city, especially when I am not familiar with the area!  Unfortunately, I was unable to absorb the hype of NYC during this trip.  I will get the opportunity right before Thanksgiving!  I am welcoming any and all pieces of advice and insight as to what I should experience!


I look forward to finishing up my last three weeks of travel and meeting the future Golden Bears of Western New England University!


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The “Charm City”

Baltimore, Maryland was a great visit! I kicked off the weekend with the College Fair at Annapolis High School, followed by the Baltimore NACAC held at the Convention Center. Met with hundreds of students  and families from the local Baltimore high schools, and enjoyed great conversation about the beautiful Northeast, where Western New England University is located! A few students had family members who live in Massachusetts, so it was exciting to see those who already love the New England area!


I even had some time in between visits to visit Washington, D.C. to see some of our current Western New England alum! Here are a few of the job positions and careers that our WNE alum are enjoying now, just to name a few:

  • Boeing: Rocket Scientist & Project Engineer, National Programs (College of Engineering)
  • Office of the Attorney General: Assistant Attorney General, Child Protection Section (Law School)
  • Kinetix: Account Manager – Special Projects (College of Arts & Sciences, Economics Major)
  • Morgan Stanley: Financial Advisor, Wealth Management (College of Business)

I hope to see many of our “Baltimore students” at an upcoming Open House, and if you already attended one, we look forward to reviewing your application!

-Olivia Mazzarella, Your Maryland Admissions Counselor


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Sunshine State Travels

Hello from sunny Florida!

When I arrived in Florida on October 9, this beautiful sunset greeted me while on my drive from Orlando to Jacksonville. What a way to start the trip!


I have been to many parts of Florida on my trip so far, including Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, and Fort Lauderdale, and will continue to make my way around Florida, including spending a day in Naples this week. It has been great to meet so many awesome students and their families, along with secondary school and fellow admission counselors! I even met a family who was very familiar with New England, and we chatted about some of our favorite locations, including Tanglewood in Lenox, MA. A fun fact about me is that I LOVE to go to concerts, and have been to Tanglewood many times to see James Taylor, Grace Potter & The Nocturnals, and Tony Bennett & Lady Ga Ga.

I always look for things that I would not see back home while on my travels, and I am going to share a few Florida finds with you:

IMG_2322 IMG_2308

Palm trees! Back home, we are experiencing gorgeous fall foliage! I noticed that when palm tree leaves fall off the trees, they are HUGE compared to the fallen leaves back home. You can also see a chocolate palm tree I received yesterday as a gift at the Sunshine Invitational College Fair. 🙂


Lizards! I saw a bunch of these cute little lizards in the courtyard of one of the high schools I went to for a college fair last week. It was hard for me to get a picture, because they all move so fast when you get close to them. Luckily, I was able to get this shot to share with you.


A skateboard locker! Now this is something I have NEVER seen before. They ever had different size lockers for longboards. This was also in the courtyard of a high school. Back home, we only have bike racks, so I found this to be very interesting.

I have been enjoying my time in Florida, especially how the weather reminds me of summer! Right now, it is currently 50 degrees warmer in Fort Lauderdale than it is at my apartment back in Massachusetts! I am looking forward to meeting more students and their families, along with counselors this week before I head back to New England.

Thanks for reading!

Hillary Mosher

Assistant Director of Admissions

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